Business change by design

Strategic Business Change:

Business is a continuous cycle of change:

  • Businesses need to improve continuously to ensure their market competitive advantage.
  • Markets move and change, customers change depending on their needs and wants
  • Customers look for businesses that are reliable, provide high-quality products, and have integrity towards their customers
  • Customers look for businesses they can trust

Businesses need to be able to adapt to change

  • Business success is a consequence of business change
  • Changes ensure a business provides the best up to date services and products to their customers
  • Change ensures continuous improvement

The analysis strategy:

Why is a business change is needed?

  • Understand the reason “WHY” the business change is needed
  • Understand the customers perspective of your business services and products
  • Something to keep in mind, you need your customers more, than they need you
  • Customers vote with their feet and their wallets
  • Without customers, you have no business

When is a business change needed?

  • Is there a change in your specific market, products, or services domain
  • Is there a change in customer tastes or needs for your products or services
  • Have your competitors innovating faster and better than you
  • Have you decided you are going to preempt and lead the industry change
  • Are your systems and operating processes outdated and in need of reinvention

What type of business change needed?

  • Streamline customer experience
  • New or upgraded technology is needed to future proof your business and bring your systems into a new era in your industry
  • Are you upgrading or providing new products and services for your market

Who is impacted by the business change?

  • Your customers
  • Regulators in a regulated industry
  • Government departments
  • Industries that you provide services to
  • Partners and third parties that provide services to your business
  • Your business partners

Where in the business is the change needed?

  • Business locations – international and local
  • Business Units – business operating model
  • Business Product snd Service lines

How will the change be made successfully?

  • Identify the success factors
  • Ensure the change strategy is not compromised by looking for cheap, quick options
  • Select the change delivery team members that have the skills needed
  • All individual team members including individual members of any partners need to have their skills validated
  • High-level analysis needs to be done upfront even if you decide on an Agile programme – you need a good quality roadmap
  • Delivery plans need to be implemented after the high-level analysis is complete

What do you need to consider for your next steps?







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