Business change by design

Strategic Business Change:

Business is a continuous cycle of change:

  • Businesses need to improve continuously to ensure their market competitive advantage.
  • Markets move and change, customers change depending on their needs and wants
  • Customers look for businesses that are reliable, provide high-quality products, and have integrity towards their customers
  • Customers look for businesses they can trust

Businesses need to be able to adapt to change

  • Business success is a consequence of the business change
  • Changes ensure a business provides the best up to date services and products to their customers
  • The change ensures continuous improvement

What are the causes of project/programme failure?

  • Wrong or Poor leadership
  • Poor or No planning
  • Unclear objectives
  • No clearly defined Change delivery strategy
  • Applying delivery methodologies incorrectly
  • Teams with Inappropriate/Misaligned/Low-level skills
  • Lack of stakeholder Consultation
  • Silos within the project/programme delivery teams
  • Ineffective quality controls within the delivery team
  • Poor communications
  • Unrealistic timescales/Funding



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