Business change by design

Business analysis value

Business analysis has a few focus lenses and is not well understood. There are some experienced business analysts that can perform both these roles professionally and expertly.

Business focus (strategy & operational)

This focus is on the business strategy and the business objectives and impact for any business change programmes and will have been involved in successful programme implementation. They also understand the benefits of realisation measures for success.

Technology focus (programme delivery and technical understanding)

This focus is on the technology and delivery of the business change, they have a good technical understanding and will have been involved in successful programme delivery. They look at operational automation and business process streamlining.

Matrix organisations – Broad focus (understand both the business and technology focus across the organisation)

The business analyst is critical to any change programme. There are other matrix organisation issues that an experienced business analyst can identify at the outset to provide preventative measures and recommendations to ensure programme success.

They can also look at options for delivery methodologies recommending and validating why a “specific” or “blended” delivery method will ensure programme success.

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