Business change by design

Business Change:

  • How to reach the strategic objectives for your programme
  • How to ensure the success of the programme delivery
  • Control the programme delivery and success
  • Control the programme budget

Pre-Change Strategy analysis:

  • Produce and Review your Business SWOT analysis
  • Review the business models of your selected change partners
  • Decide if you want to control your programme or allow a 3rd party to control it
  • You need to trust your 3rd parties and business delivery partners

Strategy planning:

  • Vision – what is your business future vision
  • Mission – what is your business vision
  • Objectives – what are the business objectives you want to achieve
  • Strategy – what is your strategy to achieve your business objectives
  • Tactics – what tactics are you going to apply to achieve your business objectives
  • Application – implementation plan to meet objectives 
  • Structure – of organisation, processes and business units
  • Define – Target Operating Model

Strategy Planning Outcomes:

  • Have a small defined set of business objectives
  • Measure specific metrics
  • Be transparent to everyone in the organisation
  • Target Operating Model
  • Organisational skills matrix
  • Have a clear understanding of the skills and capabilities of the individuals you have employed for the programme
  • Business change implementation plan

Business Change Planning Outcome:

  • Retain full control of your programme
  • Review the programme progress and value provided by each individual on the programme
  • Update your shareholders on a 6 monthly basis with the progress and failures
  • Have the integrity to stop the programme if needed


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